This past year I have learned a lot.

I may not be able to recall every single thing I have learned within this year but I have realized how much can change in so little time. When I go through a certain change in my life I feel as though I have to have some type of renovation such as get a new haircut, purchase a new phone, hang out with different people, and so on, by which I already have done pretty much all that except get a new hairdo. I am debating that topic at this time. I wish I could do wild and crazy things with my hair, but my hair is pretty much down the drain anyways and I don’t think I should damage it furthermore. Totally just rambled, but that’s okay. It’s my blog. 😉

Anyways, I recently got out of a toxic relationship that lasted roughly about three years. Yeah, I love him and all but he’s not for me and it was meant to end. As you can see how that was a large part of my life (from what little you know), I felt as though I needed to change because this was a BIG CHANGE for me. Not bad whatsoever but, actually, a very good change. I wish him all the best in his endeavors but I have things I need to take care of and, I hate to say it, but he was getting in my way. I am kind of glad it ended the way it did because it couldn’t have happened any other way. So, bye bye to that.

Since this big mishap, it has put in me a position of critical thinking and the eyes to see new ideas and possibilities I can create. I want to live outside the box and explore.  I am excited! I got a new camera and it is my baby.. I just need to learn how to use it.


2 Responses to 2010

  1. Chris says:

    Best wishes as you leap into the future. I highly recommend finding something to make. Quickly. There is power in creating that can heal sorrows and bring you joy. New beginnings are exciting.

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