Hi, I’m Madison and I am currently a college student. I am a young spirited twenty year old who happens to be flowing through life with no direction (at the moment.) Sound surprising?

I want to take the time to give a major applaud to those who have always known what they wanted to do with their life and the passions they were aware of and possessed. I am in a highlight of confusion at this point in my life and, yes, it is expected at this age to feel the way I do, but I do not like it whatsoever! I feel so young yet so old. I’m told I have plenty of time but I don’t feel like I do. The clock keeps ticking forward and I keep plunging backwards. I have no clue why but I am in such a rush to get my life figured out when I don’t even know myself completely.

I want to learn about the world and expand my horizons. I want to experience new things and be a knowledgeable person of the world. I want to test my limits and do the unthinkable. I know that the more the I experience, the more I learn and that’s a gift all in itself. I want to share my experiences with those who feel the same as I do.


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